From A balloon to A ring: Divine & Bertrand Love Story

“ I actually met her at a bus station. She was coming to meet other friends of hers...I still even remember the dates: Our love started on May 12th 2012, and we met about 3 months before that.
I have been the luckiest guy in the world, the way that I imagined her is exactly the way i found her.
As time went by, our love grew and bigger, till today that it is now yielding the best fruit: our marriage. We are so grateful of what The Lord did for us”- Bertrand
“The first day that two persons meet someone, they don’t immediately see what is next. But believe me, I saw that Bertrand felt akantu (something) for me. is easy to notice whe someone is interested in you. “-Divine
“Our first day was a spark for me, I saw that she really might be the one person who is going to be so great to me. But i doubt if she felt the same way that day hahaha....because it was so hard for me afterwards to make her mine, but The Lord helped me, and it all went well, 4 years now, together.”-Bertrand
“When we met, he was so friendly. I remember, afterwards, we went to a gallery, and they were so many balloons, and he then picked one, wrote on it his name and phone number and then handed it over to me...hahaha...”-Divine
“Betrand, I love you so much. I thank God for He gave me you, I promise you to love and respect you forever”-Divine
“Divine, it’s been four years now, I know it wasn’t easy everyday, but we have been enough tough to overcome all of the obstacles, our love has won. I promise you to love you and respect you, and I promise you to be on your sides everywhere and forever”-Bertrand

Let’s first have a look at what the place looked like

Meanwhile, Umugeni (bride) is getting ready for the big day.

And the bridemaids are all settled

Hey girls! Take care of our Diva, make her miss you 

Welcome-on-board-little-sister picture

And in the living room, parents were asking-giving the daugther’s hand

I am sure my son can’t wait to hear the good news about Divine’s hand

Aunts are all ready and delighted

Ring’s time is here. The ring having no end, that is how our love is going to be.

Everyone...Look at this, she is mine now!

Gifts time...I am so curious about what is inside

Oh my...this looks beautiful hihihi

And the cultural troop is here to celebrate the union

Cheers darling, to our everlasting love.

Aren’t they beautiful??

And preety ladies with the bride...

The Next day...

Some wedding tools...

And the ready bride says bye to her parent’s house

The weedding little team

And the couple is ready to bring their union before the Lord

And the family is here for the couple’s big day

Rings time, and vows time. For an everlasting love, and true happiness

And now Bertrand, you can kiss the bride!

The best and happiest couple in the whole world

“Do you still remember the day I told you that I loved you? This is what i meant”

And we will serve as witnesses of this day

Oh Lord! Thank you for this day you made to happen. I am so joyful

Ready to embark on this new road

And the family gathers around for the memorable picture

Yes we are,...married, got hitched, tied the knot

The lady in white

The man in Black

On the wall of our history

And history of the new life began here

In the eyes of the elders, simply pride and hapiness

And we drink to this memorable day

"I was actually ranking this wedding first. What do you think?"

Smiles of joy all over the faces

A big cake for a big day

This smile and this look means "a happy groom’s sister"

Ladies in yellow

And umuco wacu uraturanga

Divine & Bertrand! Afrifame Pictures is so thankful to have had the privilege to help you keep these memories. You had an awesome wedding, and it was just a beginning of a whole new and awesome journey that you two started. We wish you a happy marriage again, and MUZABYARE, MUHEKE.


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what an amazing couple u are may allah bless your home always ,i m so happy for u ma cherie divine.

  • 11 August 2016

Que du bonheur surtout mes amours

  • 10 August 2016

Amazing.Congrats dear Brother Bertrand,all the best

  • 10 August 2016